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It’s probably too early to be getting the undercoat on the camper but sometimes I feel like I need to see some progress to keep the spirits up. Lots of people have commented that camper vans should be carpeted but I can’t for the life of me think why.

“Noise Reduction” – what the fuck are you on about ? This is a massive, empty metal box with an engine in the front its going to be noisy when I drive it. And besides I’ve got kids  – who wants to hear the sub 30Hz throb of the RastaMouse theme tune at 140dB?

“Dust and moisture reduction” Just clean up, you tit. You can’t wipe down a carpet.

Basically carpet is used to hide all the horrible cock ups in the finish, which is fine, but it also looks rubbish. Would you carpet your front room walls and ceiling to match the floor?

You would? Oh lovely. Have some blue LEDs to go with that.

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  1. All the things you’ve told yourself I understand without hearing them. You are a genius with your hands and ideas.You are more than a crafter, you’re in the realm of artist. Right up there with what’s his name. I can not find words to tell you how much I admire your concept and finished product. Yea! you.

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