Campervan construction progress


It’s probably too early to be getting the undercoat on the camper but sometimes I feel like I need to see some progress to keep the spirits up. Lots of people have commented that camper vans should be carpeted but I can’t for the life of me think why. “Noise Reduction” – what the fuck are …

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Wiring The Campervan

Working under a halogen lamp with no human contact for months will leave you looking like this dishevelled, scorched heap of a man.  Luckily I’ve recovered. Here’s a tip on terminating fat gauge cable with ring connectors.  

camper van sink

The Kitchen Is Going In

Cooking in a camper van is a pain in the arse. Anyone that tells you differently smells of old food and has weird toenails. Typically you’ll find yourself hunched over and impotent gas flame coaxing life into a congealed pot of beans.  I’m fine with congealed beans but I don’t like sitting and cooking. Or …

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camper van conversion beds

Bunk Framework

Beds are starting to take shape. There’ s been a awful lot swearing and hitting things with hammers but it’s starting to take shape. The plywood fascias have been mounted and trimmed and the portals cut out. One of the more satisfying jobs is getting the holes cut in.  Much needed after after several days …

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Bed Framework

  Camper van beds next. Having finally got the floor levelled and the staircase set up properly the next step is the bed framework. All this is essentially sitting on the top of the stir units or is suspended from it. There is little point in trying to make things level in a van as …

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