Camper Van Belfast Sink Waste


These sink waste fittings mate with our Camper Van Belfast Sinks and are compatible with standard caravan 28mm waste pipe. The outlet is is angled at 45° which makes life a lot easier to mount and maximises the space in the cupboard under the basin. We’ve found that outlets that drop straight down tend to take up a lot of space under the sink once you’ve accounted for the bend in the waste pipe. Also 90° outlets are a bit tight to fit between the sink bottom and supporting counter surface. The 45° bend manages to get around these issue nicely and makes the most of limited space in the kitchen unit.

The fittings are chrome finished, hence they’re not as cheap as the plastic alternatives but they look loads better and the heavier sink plug stays where it’s supposed to which is handy.

If you’re fitting onto a 28mm convoluted pipe like this, you’ll need one of these push fit reducers and your life will be a lot easier with one of these sealing sleeves as well.  A hard sell if ever there was one.

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