Top Bunk , Rear Bunk With Storage Steps And Kitchen Unit

The Finished Product

After months and months of seriously hard work I’ve finally managed to get this conversion finished. To get the van out of the workshop , cleaned up and have photos taken in the evening sun has been a huge relief.  Looking at the final results in these amazing photos is rather overwhelming and I can’t quite believe that this thing was actually created by stupid, clumsy me.  Recalling moments where I’m confidently slicing through expensive bits of wood the wrong way, or hammering bits of metal that really don’t need hammering I’m quite stunned that this is the result. The fact that I still have all my appendages attached beggars belief.

Lots of interesting goings on at the moment but for the moment take a look at the gallery while I go and do nothing for a little while in my shiny new van.

Here’s a few pics.

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  1. This is amazing! Fab design and build – well done. Did you watch George’s Amazing Spaces by any chance?!

    What are the dimensions of the beds please – I’d love to do something similar but my two boys are fast getting as tall as me and more!

    Many thanks,

  2. hi. ive fell in love woth your van. i appreicate the time an effort you took do this. i wud love too but money is against me. how much did this project cost if u dont mind me askin. something like this wud b perfect for me and the kids

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