Camper Van Swivel Seats

Arguing with swivel seats

Swivel seats are essential in any camper conversion. The additional space they give is far greater than the sum of the their parts. It’s not just that they provide a way to face the rest of the idiots in your van while they smash pasta into their haircuts , rotating the seats immediately gives you a sense of another, discreet area of the vehicle. Sleepy bit, cooky bit, chatty bit.

Whoever tells you that these are a simple “swap in” are great, big fibbing wankers and deserve to be kicked in the shins.  They don’t “just fit”.  There are a number of swivel bases available and ,having assessed them all, they are pretty much shit in every way.  They either wobble, make loads of noise, don’t spin nicely, require the door to be opened… name it they all suck. These ones I’ve chosen suck the least.

Formally crash testing a seat swivel costs millions of pounds so nobody has bothered improving on the lumpen disasters available on todays market.  I’ll stop ranting.

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  1. Dude. What a conversion. Absolutely love the bed arrangement. We are 4 and I’ve been dreaming an old prison van into a log cabin, but can’t justify 3 vans. But a sprinter I could use daily.

    How do you heat it and where does the day to day stuff go?
    Beautiful work. I doff my hat to you sir

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